Kraftplus was incorporated in 2016 and has now developed itself into a leading HR Solution Provider, and an Education Management Company. Currently we cater to some of the leading companies and institutions in the market. Our reach is pan India, and we have started operations in Middle East and South East Asia.

We provide HR Recruitment and Staffing  (Education, IT and Non-IT companies), Education Services (consultancy, affiliation support, funding,  recognition support, documentation, marketing, etc.) and Teacher Trainings. For more detailed information about our services please go through the “Our Services” section of this website.

Our Clients

What our customers say

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- Greenwood High School Bangalore

"We are very impressed with the skills and professionalism that the Kraftplus team brings. They are not only quick in sharing profiles but also take care of the quality of the profiles."

- Raks Pallikoodam School Coimbatore

"Kraftplus has a very high understanding of all the processes required to get affiliation. Their advice and support has helped us in getting our school affiliated."

- Niveditha Chakraborthy Teacher

"I am thankful to the Kraftplus team, for helping me get my dream job. They have a very good teacher’s placement and training services. Thanks you for all the help."

- Shilpi Sharma Teacher

"Phonics training conducted by Kraftplus, has been extremely helpful. I am now confident of teaching phonics and making a difference for my students. Thank you Kraftplus."

- Lindslay Consultant

"The School Project Report prepared by Kraftplus was very detailed. It has helped us not only plan our project but also introduce new initiatives and concepts, which will help us in the future."

- IT Company Bangalore

"Kraftplus has a pool of well trained IT Recruiters, and we are happy with the quality of services provided by them."